Dear all, 

you have chosen to participate in English only digitally. This is our course. WELCOME!

As you come from various courses, you probably have done different skills and topics in the last weeks. In general, everybody should have more or less finished with the topic “crossing borders” focusing on mediation and analysis of language.

Thus, I would like to give you the opportunity to work on, revise or learn about skills and topics that you believe you should repeat and want to work on. This means I will upload various materials each week that you can pick from. You have to pick one task each week and hand it in so that I can check whether you have done your work. 

Before I will start uploading materials next week, I wanted to ask you if you have specific questions or request in regard to topics or skills that you would like to repeat or still need help with (e.g. mediation, analysis, grammar, listening, reading....). Please write me and I will give my best to find tasks for that (though I can’t promise to find materials for every request).

I’m looking forward to work with you digitally. Feel free to contact me whenever you have a question. 

Stay safe and stay healthy

E. Brinkmann